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Delicious Salmon Meals from Online Restaurant Meat Me LA


At Online Restaurant Meat Me LA, we specialize in delivering delicious meals to your doorsteps. Our menu is filled with flavorful salmon meals, BBQ, and even raw frozen sets for a variety of dietary needs.

We are passionate about providing the highest quality food to our customers. Our team works hard to make sure you are satisfied with every meal. All of our ingredients are responsibly sourced and carefully prepared. Order today and experience the Meat Me LA difference.

Salmon BBQ set
Salmon BBQ Set

Salmon BBQ is a delicious way to enjoy this popular fish. We serve your BBQ salmon with your favorite sides: steamed vegetables,rice, mashed potatoes or french fries.

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Raw Salmon Frozen Set
RAW Salmon Frozen Set

Our raw Salmon BBQ set marinated in a special blend of sauces and spices for unbeatable flavor. Our barbeque set is slow-cooked to perfection over an open flame or on grill, giving it a delicious smoky flavor and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Great idea for celebrating 4 of July or for any type of party.



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